We created Sugarloaf Adventures to bring together under one canopy our three big passions in life; fabulous people, fabulous food and the fabulous Outdoors.


There’s so much to discover in Wicklow, so many stories yet to be created and so many yet to be told. And we want to share in the making of these stories.


Some people like short stories, (dip into our day hikes if you like), others prefer a good little epic (dive into our Wicklow Way Hike); whatever type of story you’d like to create, we’re looking forward to helping you make it.


And of course every good story must have a good beginning, middle and end.  Which is why we put so much effort into planning out the finest details of each hiking trip, so that you can relax into creating the experience you are looking for.


The hills are calling – and maybe you’re calling too?


You can reach us at  info@sugarloafadventures.ie or call Fran on 086 8409413